What I'm Doing Now

I update this when the mood strikes. 

Last Updated: 06-11-24

  • Continuing to Chief of Staff
  • Off the meditation/journaling bandwagon (again)
  • Continuing to be into very long biographies -- usually this is followed by a long period of reading fiction/sci fi
  • Did the Crossfit Open for the first time a few months ago, very fun/silly
  • Loving analysis provided by Stratechery, Benedict Evans, and the like -- this is new for me as of a few months ago. I've been aware of Stratechery for years and I used to not find it interesting.
  • Repainting the porch 
  • Enjoying the recent series of F1 races where Max is actually challenged
  • Uninterested in the NBA finals because I'm a Celtics hater 



  • Experimenting  / building tools using LLMs with some friends
  • Running an LLM consultancy - Ascention 
  • Paying for Stratechery has been an incredible investment for me
  • On the road for the summer (Maine --> Vermont --> Wisconsin --> Wyoming --> ?)
  • Excited for a NOLS backpacking trip in late July 
  • Still off the meditation wagon...
  • I'm getting in a better habit of noticing when I have a strong reaction to something & capturing those thoughts on this blog. Inspired by Daring Fireball.
  • I typically read a theme (all Cormac McCarthy, SciFi, biographies) for many many months at a time. Right now I'm on something of a history/non-fiction kick and recently finished Upheaval and The Wager


  • Learning how to boulder; climbing ~3x/week
  • Working on my mobility using GoWod
  • Recently got back from a trip to visit friends in Mexico City
  • Still looking to talk with COOs to learn more about their jobs 
  • Fell off the meditation wagon
  • Recently finished read: "The Outsiders," and "Grant" -- it's striking how much suffering many of Chernow's subjects endured... 
  • Thinking about kicking up a Substack called "Ops in 5" to deliver Startup Operations Insights, Tactics, and Principles in a small, 5 minute read.
  • Golfer's elbow nearly totally fixed - back to doing pull-ups!


  • Living in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Playing lots of cribbage
  • Reading Grant by Ron Chernow & The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  • Trying to decide between The Outsiders, Business Adventures, and From Startup to Grownup
  • Working on my mobility using the GoWod app
  • Nursing golfer's elbow due to lifting 
  • Fully back on the meditation wagon (remain hooked on Headspace)
  • Looking to advise early stage founders 
  • Looking to talk with COOs to learn more about their jobs 
  • Working to tighten up this blog a bit 
  • Enjoying incense (of all things...)



  • working for set protocol [still excited to be in crypto despite market turmoil]
  • moving out of Madison, WI apartment
  • traveling to Italy for a wedding and hiking the Alta Via 2
  • just finished "The Big Short" and looking for my next book to read
  • re-learning customer development
  • created an mvp career advice website to house resources we routinely revisit/share
  • seeking out & talking to crypto operations folks to learn what that means in different contexts; excited to learn from others and level-up my operations abilities 
  • continuously enjoying crossfit 
  • listening to Orville Peck's Bronco on repeat