About Me


I am a strategic operations leader who helps move entire organizations forward by scaling executive-level partners, solving the biggest problems facing the team, and supporting business strategy. 

Through 8+ years of early-stage startup experience I've built functions across: sales, content marketing, data migration/implementation, product development, customer success, customer support, culture/hiring/onboarding, company goal setting, and more. I remain hungry to learn, grow, and improve. 

One of my superpowers is helping others cut through noise, complications, and confusion to figure out the real problem at hand. I love to identify big problems, produce insight, and then build processes that flow into the future. 

I'm passionate about lifting others up around me and get joy from seeing other people succeed. I value intellectual honesty, integrity, kindness, curiosity, and teamwork.

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, spent 8 years in NYC after college, and now live in Northern California. I enjoy learning, reading, Formula 1, Crossfit, and the ever-important/sometimes-painful process of personal growth. I also infrequently but enjoyably snowboard, hike, camp. 

[p.s. I unabashedly stand on the shoulders of giants. I like how Ryan Calbeck wrote his "About" page and used that as a model]

Why "Unformatted"?

  • To give myself permission to ship rough drafts / thoughts / lists with no fear 
  • I believe in speed as a habit and that shipping rough drafts > shipping nothing
  • I wanted a place to jot down thoughts. It's clarifying, fun, and useful to me.
  • I know myself well enough to know that if I hold myself to a higher bar of quality I will never put any of my thinking out into the world -- time constraints, other responsibilities, never good enough, yadda yadda