About Me

I am a revenue-generating, strategic operations leader who helps move entire organizations forward by scaling executive-level partners, solving the biggest problems facing the team, and supporting business strategy. 

Through 10+ years of early-stage startup experience I've built and led functions across: sales, content marketing, data migration/implementation, product development, customer success, customer support, culture/hiring/onboarding, investor relations, company goal setting, and more. 

I am a grounded leader. One of my superpowers is cutting through noise, complications, and confusion to diagnose the core problem that needs solving. I love to identify these big problems, produce insight, and then build processes that drive the entire business forward. 

I'm passionate about lifting others up around me and get joy from seeing other people succeed. I value intellectual honesty, integrity, kindness, curiosity, and teamwork. I remain hungry to learn, grow, and improve. 

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, spent 8 years in NYC after college, lived in Northern California for a year, and recently returned to Madison. I am professionally a New Yorker, culturally Californian, and geographically Madisonian. 

I enjoy learning, reading, Formula 1, Crossfit, and the ever-important process of personal growth. I also infrequently but enjoyably snowboard, hike, and camp. 

- Greg