Work With Me

I'm a Chief of Staff who works with leaders of Seed to Series A startups to tease apart and solve the hairiest organizational and operational problems. 

As partners, we will co-create processes and answers that flow into the future. 

You already have the answers. 

I'm here to ask questions and make it easy to put your knowledge into action. In each session, we'll get you to a feeling of, "Phew! I know exactly what I need to do and how to do it." 


  • Strategic operations 
  • Customer development
  • Building functions from scratch (sales, content marketing, customer success)
  • Meta-processes (i.e. decision making, communication)
  • Non-technical special projects that don't fit neatly in one of those buckets

Email me for a 15 minute intro call: gregdocter[at]gmail[dot]com

Some of my values