Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Primer: Stripe, decision making, and SCQA

I've recently become interested in Stripe after noticing that a bunch of their people (Patrick Collison, Claire Hughes Johnson,  Zack Tratar, Jeff Weinstein, Patrick McKenzie @ ~46:55) talk about the practice of decision making and a specific framework: Barbara Minto's Pyramid Principal and SCQA framework for effective communication.

You can copy my template here: Greg's Simple SCQA

Here is a short primer 👇

SCQA Framework

S = Situation

What is the state of affairs? (fact-based, uncontroversial)

C = Complication

What is changing to make things harder?

Q = Questions

What is the question that naturally falls out of S & C?

Almost always the question is, “What should we do?”

A = Answers

What are you going to do to resolve that complication?

What arguments and evidence support that answer?

[make sure this resolves C 100%]

Learn More

Harrison Metal - Thank You, Barbara Minto [Video]

Heavybit - Executive Communication [Video]