Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Startups with decision cultures

While exploring the practice of decision making I've come across companies that have expressed some decision process as part of their culture.

Here are 9 I've stumbled across so far:
  1. Square - SPADE (SPADE Toolkit)
  2. Coinbase - Parameters / Deliberate / Decide 
  3. Stripe - SCQA, via Zack Tratar and Jeff Weinstein (Writing == Decisions, redacted example)
  4. Amazon - 6 Page Narrative  (again)
  5. Fictiv - DACI
  6. Coda - Framing
  7. Matter - Decision Disagreement Framework
  8. Intercom - RICE
  9. Shopify - TOMASP

I don't believe it to be a coincidence that those companies emphasize (or at least signal...) a decision making practice. 

Instead, I think they are examples of how at some echelon of knowledge work, this practice makes a difference. 

Last updated 8/5/20, added Shopify and "SPADE Toolkit"

July 2020 Learning List

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