Thursday, April 23, 2020

Pioneer ( - Convexity Machine breakdown

This post breaks down Pioneer ( in terms of being a Convexity Machine.

Pioneer exhibits nearly all of the characteristics of a Convexity Machine(CM).

However, Pioneer's central roles as the gatekeeper limiting participation and the sole Selector stop it short of being a fully fledged CM.

This suggests that Pioneer's only path to venture-scale is expanding both the number of gatekeepers that decide which projects make it into their accelerator and the number of Selectors that bestow status, money, and other rewards to projects.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

📈Convexity Machines 🤖 Roles & Characteristics

In Convexity Machines - Short Post I set some basic criteria for what I've dubbed "Convexity Machines."
  1. Convexity Machines are digital environments with user-generated randomness
  2. Users have potential for large gains (status/$)
  3. Users’ mishits are small/harmless
  4. Optionality exists to select gains, forget losses
Now, this post will continue this arcane breakdown and cover
  • The 4 Primary Roles in a Convexity Machine
  • Specific Characteristics of Convexity Machines

This will set us up to begin trying to understand specific startups as Convexity Machines 💪

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