Sunday, March 31, 2024

Humane AI Pin -- Quick Thoughts

I've been skeptical of the Ai Pin's chance for success since their interesting November 15, 2023 launch video. 

Now, having just watched Humane's 28 minute AI Pin Video Handbook I've got to put pen to paper.

Read on for rough/basic analysis, not judgement. 

Direct Substitute 

At the core, I think this is really really basic: The Humane Ai Pin is in direct competition with the smartphone, which people already have, pay for, and does more.

All quotes are taken from

Whether you're making calls, sending messages, seeking answers, capturing moments, taking notes, or managing your digital world, Ai Pin acts as your assistant and second brain, allowing you to be present and in flow.

This can all be done by a smartphone. People say they want a world not intermediated by smartphones ("present" and "in flow"), behavior shows otherwise. 

Ai Pin gives you a team of Ai digital assistants on call, all of the time. Your Researcher, Interpreter, Photographer, Communicator, and DJ step in to help with questions and everyday tasks, freeing up your hands and your mind. Soon, assistants like a Nutritionist, Shopper, Navigator, and more will join your team, making your work and life feel even easier.

Again, this can all be done by your smartphone. "Freeing up your hands" is just not enough of a value prop. It's not that hard to pull out my phone and our entire society is (un)comfortable with pulling out your phone to do things.



$699+ for the device

$24/month subscription fee [includes access to the Ai Bus, an unlimited wireless service plan, and cloud storage]

That's the price of a refurbished iPhone for a device that does less than an iPhone.

Form factor 

I've been thinking a tad about consumer hardware that people keep visibility on themselves.

The biggies that come to mind are:

  • Smartphones 
  • Smartwatches / fitness trackers
  • Wireless earbuds 
To state the obvious, each product's form factor is a progression from decades old, widely adopted technology:

  • Cell Phones --> Smartphones 
  • Watches --> Smartwatches / fitness trackers
  • Headphones --> Wireless earbuds 

"Brooch" isn't an accessory worn by most folks today, and I don't think the Ai Pin experience is great enough to make this form factor catch on.

Daring Fireball got there first

I remain deeply skeptical of the form factor, but just like the Rabbit R1 — at this point, Humane’s only rival — I can’t wait to try it. Whether the form factor is the right idea or not, the Humane AI assistant sure as shit blows Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant out of the water.