Monday, September 4, 2023

"Scaling People" - 11 Selected Highlights


Scaling People by Claire Hughes Johnson

#1. Leadership is ultimately about driving change, while management is about creating stability.

#2. ...the operating system creates a foundation of consistent practices that we can all rely on, even when everything else is changing.

#3.  Folks need to know how they’re expected to work together, what they’re working on, and why, or they may feel like the ground is too shaky to take a single step.

#4. To maximize your odds of achieving a successful outcome, start with the end in mind and work backward to the activities most likely to get you there.

#5. Never organize team goals by function (engineering, design, etc.). Success depends on all team functions coming together to deliver a great product, and a single set of goals helps force an alignment of efforts.

#6. [on the work equivalent of Pyrrhic victories] Yes, the product launched on time, but the team and the relationships therein barely survived, and people are unable to contribute quality work in the month afterward because they’re exhausted and communication is brittle.

#7. Your role as a manager is to make sure your team is defining goals and accomplishing them, but not at the expense of their future ability to do so.

#8. Only spin up these processes once you’re certain that leaders will make a dedicated effort to implement them.

#9. Bad processes cause bloat, but good processes help provide clarity, which leads to faster execution.

#10. Be meticulous about the foundations.

#11. I think one reason for any success I’ve had as a manager is that I’ve always “played the person,” meaning I’ve put their own path at the forefront, no matter the potential destination.