Monday, July 17, 2023

Alex Danco Writing Compendium

Alex Danco wrote some bangers circa 2016 that I continue to revisit. 

They take a bit of parsing, but are worthwhile to read/understand.

So I never have to dig or take 4 seconds to remember/google them again 👇

Emergent Layers

When a resource is scarce, and everyone knows it’s scarce, people and businesses will treat it as such — a scarce resource means a point of friction, and points of friction offer the potential to make money.

Understanding Abundance

The Internet has eliminated much of the friction around geography and distribution — create something of value, and it can be distributed around the world in a blink. As friction in category after category (media; retail; soon transportation; so much more) slips away, we enter a new kind of world — one of abundance.