Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Arc Browser


Some quick thoughts on The Browser Company // Arc Browser. Arc is an internet browser that has raised $18MM and has gotten lots of pub.

For the betterment of the consumer, may I be wrong and eat my words 🫡

My take: I'm skeptical that Arc will attain >2.46% (Firefox's current market share) of the browser market. 


  • Incumbents provide substitute products that millions of users enjoy enough (Chrome, Safari, Edge).
  • I do not believe Arc offers a 10x better experience above/beyond the incumbents. This could change but I don't expect it.
  • Incumbents have a significant distribution edge that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.
  • Hypothetically a new platform could emerge and Browser Co could cut a deal (i.e. Google Search <> Apple) but that seems unlikely.
Given all that ^ I don't see how Arc Browser crosses the chasm from a niche browser tech folks seem to enjoy to everyday people. 

I'm sure something similar was said about Chrome vs. Internet Explorer.