Sunday, January 29, 2023

Tony Fadell's "Build" - 9 Selected Highlights


On the primacy of solving real problems
  • "Customers need to see that your product solves a real problem they have today—not one that they may have in some distant future."
  • "Every product should have a story, a narrative that explains why it needs to exist and how it will solve your customer’s problems."
  • "Once you have a strong answer for why your product is needed, then you can focus on how it works."
On ideas
  • "There are three elements to every great idea: 1. It solves for “why.” ... 2. It solves a problem ... 3. It follows you around"
  • "If this idea is going to eat up years of your life, you should at least take a few months to research it, build out detailed (enough) business and product development plans, and see if you’re still excited about it."
  • "The best ideas are painkillers, not vitamins."
On Customers
  • "Understanding your customer—their ... is the foundation of your company. Your product, team, culture, sales, marketing, support, pricing—everything is shaped by that understanding."
  • "You cannot make a single product for two completely opposite customers—for two different customer journeys. Not when you’re making technology. Or services. Or a store. Not even if you’re making dinner. It’s a hard rule."
  • "Do not think you can serve two masters. No matter what you’re building, you can never forget who you’re building it for. You can only have one customer. Choose wisely."