Thursday, January 19, 2023

Hiring Ops Starter Pack


This post contains 3 template docs, 2 of which are foundational for a great hiring process.

As always, this is standing on the shoulders of giants, largely:

Template Docs

The Larger Process

Here is an outline of how I see the larger process of hiring: Prep, Screen, Interview, Select. 

It is neither exhaustive, nor will I go into great detail on how to do any given stage. DM me if that's something you need though. 

  • Write the job description
  • Write the job scorecard
  • Write the interview scorecard
  • Prep the interview team
  • Write the screener script
  • Screen candidates
  • Write the interview script(s)/guides
  • Interview candidates using the interview scorecard
    • Topgrading
    • Focused
    • References
  • Offer
  • Onboarding